I am a photographer living on Maui, Hawaii. I was born in Spain; my father is Austrian and Hungarian, and my mother Spanish. I grew up in Marbella, on the Southern coast of Spain, in a multilingual and multicultural household, where Spanish, German, and French were spoken interchangeably, summers were spent with family in Austria and France, and art was always present in some form. During these early years I played long hours in nature and on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, where I developed my passion for nature, animals, and the ocean, and used my camera to capture the beauty of my surroundings and document my life and adventures.

In my teens I moved to Austria where I lived in the mountainous regions of Salzburg and Tyrol, and learned a variety of traditional Austrian crafts. After I married, I moved to New York City with my husband and baby son. Once in the USA, my daughter was born, and we moved from the East Coast first to the Midwest, and then to the West Coast where I learned to quilt and became a fiber artist. Years later, I found my soul mate Luis, a fellow artist and photographer, remarried, and moved to Maui in the 1990’s, where I finally found my happy place.

At the turn of the New Millennium Luis and I moved back to the mainland USA and settled in Florida, where we both returned to the University and completed our Ph.D. in Education and Counselor Education together at the University of South Florida.

During the years I worked on my Ph.D. and developed my work on positive psychology, soul mating for couples, and the philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry, I recognized that the mind is not only a useful tool for analyzing and discerning, but also a powerful creator. That is when I realized that after completing my Ph.D. I had an important choice to make: I could choose to remain in the academic environment and work on solving problems and helping others with my mind and my teachings, or I could decide to focus on my artistic creativity and create art that speaks not only to the mind but also to the heart.

When the opportunity arrived to move back to Maui with Luis and be a full time photographer, my photography and storytelling became the perfect artistic medium to express my vision, and Maui the perfect place to do so. At that moment I realized that there had never really been a choice to make between following my mind or my heart because my heart had already decided for me long ago. So here I am today, living and working on Maui with Luis, bringing you the best I can find with my camera here on the Hawaiian Islands and beyond, and hoping that you will enjoy my photos and my stories as much as I enjoy creating them for you.

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